Haida Gwaii Marine Debris Clean-Up Initiative


Haawa | Haw’aa | Thank You to all who participated and supported the 2020/2021/2022 Marine Debris Clean-Up Initiatives!

The Project is now closed. 


Brief Overview:

Despite a short timeline and significant winter weather challenges, the Haida Gwaii Marine Debris Removal Initiative was able to achieve the following significant outcomes:

  • Over 86,000 kg (190,000 lbs) of debris cleaned off Haida Gwaii’s beaches

o   73% of debris collected diverted from landfills and sent to specialized recycling facilities

  • Approx. 360km of shoreline cleaned in each general region of the islands. Sheltered beaches and road/beach access areas were targeted during unpleasant weather; while remote high debris accumulation areas such as Flamingo Inlet, Hippa Island and T’aalan Stl’ang (Lepas Bay) were targeted during weather windows.
  • Nearly all of the west coast of Graham Island surveyed for debris density to better direct future efforts and further understand debris hotspots.
  • Over 144 people employed and 41 businesses involved.

o   13 local clean-up operators where contracted for services, along with many other local businesses to support in transportation, equipment/space rental, accommodation, catering, etc.

  • Approx. 2000 cumulative days worked, with over half worked by youth (16-29)
  • Approx. 80% of the funding ($1.85million) stayed local through direct local employment, contractors, businesses, etc.
  • 20 youth provided free training and certification for entry level work in marine tourism and transportation industries (SVOP, ROC-M, MED-A3, First Aid)
  • Significant capacity building on island in marine debris removal and related services (marine contracting, transportation, fieldwork, etc.)




Partners in the Marine Debris Initiative include:

Council of the Haida Nation

X̱aayda Gwaay.yaay Tang.G̱wan Tll Skunx̱a HlG̱ang.gulx̱a X̱aaydaG̱aay (Haida Gwaii Clean Oceans Working Group)

Misty Isles Economic Development Society


Haawa/Haw’aa/Thank You for your interest