Haida Gwaii Marine Debris Clean-Up Initiative


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Contractors: Do you have a marine vessel or truck you would like to participate with? Please fill out this Expression of Interest Form and we will engage you with opportunities.

Youth: Are you between 16-29? Interested in being paid to help with the Clean Coast, Clean Waters Initiative on Haida Gwaii? Please fill out this form and we will inform you of opportunities to be engaged. Haawa!


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Partners in the Marine Debris Initiative include:

Council of the Haida Nation

X̱aayda Gwaay.yaay Tang.G̱wan Tll Skunx̱a HlG̱ang.gulx̱a X̱aaydaG̱aay (Haida Gwaii Clean Oceans Working Group)

Misty Isles Economic Development Society


Haawa/Haw’aa/Thank You for your interest