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Shop Haida Gwaii is an online, multi-vendor marketplace that aims to support local creatives on Haida Gwaii by artists and small product based businesses on island dive into the world of E-commerce. Whether your taking a dip into this world for the first time or you have an established local product based businesses we are here to help you connect with audiences across Canada! As a local organization, MIEDS knows that there are many creative folks who make up the islands of Haida Gwaii and our goal with Shop Haida Gwaii is to help local sellers extend their selling seasons through the year and connect with new audiences and customers across Canada.

How did we get here? Covid-19 brought the island’s Economic Development teams together for some serious brainstorming and out of this born Shop Haida Gwaii was born! We do things a bit differently around here – Shop Haida Gwaii is an online multi-vendor marketplace where you can connect with artists and makers directly! Each artist sets up their own pages on the site, lists their pieces for sale, and ships directly to you when you order on the site! So if you want to learn more about the artist or a piece they have listed in their storefront, or inquire about custom orders you can contact each artist directly on their Shop Haida Gwaii storefront using the contact form.

We are so excited to share a slice of what makes Haida Gwaii so special, and with an artist in every home we look forward to growing and sharing more artists with you as we grow! So what are you waiting for?! Delve into some of the islands many studio’s, discover local makers, and explore the wares of the creatives that call Haida Gwaii home.




Are you an artist, maker, or small business living and working on Haida Gwaii and want to get set up as a vendor so you can sell your work on the Shop Haida Gwaii marketplace? We can’t wait to hear from you!

Whether you are just starting out or already have an established product based business on Haida Gwaii Shop Haida Gwaii could help you extend your selling season and connect to more customers. Need assistance writing product listings, photographing your pieces or getting more familiar with computers? We are here to help and are here to support you in your e-commerce journey.

Let us know you want to get set up as a vendor or want to know more about what’s involved with being a site vendor?
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