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Monthly Reports & Annual Reports are located under 'News'.

Our Constitution and Bylaws can be found here

The Economic Development Strategy has been completed - check it out! A summary of the strategy is also available.


Other Updates


Haida Gwaii Business to Business Website!

Haida Gwaii is about to embark on a number of major infrastructure projects including the Masset Airport and the Queen Charlotte Hospital.

We want the people of Haida Gwaii to benefit from these projects. To ensure this, MIEDS has created the HGB2B Procurement Database. This will be a one stop shop where anyone or any business can contact us and get access to the services and products that they require.

So if you have equipment, land, rooms, technical support services, equipment repair; if you are a labourer, backhoe operator, an engineer, a chef, we want to hear from you! Check out the website and fill in the contact information on the form provided.


Misty Isles Economic Development Society (MIEDS) was established in 2008 following the initialing of the Land Use Plan. An economic development body, representing the communities of Masset, Port Clements, Queen Charlotte, Sandspit, and Area D, became a necessity to enable coordinated efforts between island communities and pursue joint economic development activities.

Economic development accords were signed by the communities and the Haida Nation, and represent shared economic development priorities that provide direction in moving our island communities forward (Economic Development Accord & Economic Development Understanding).

The MIEDS board is currently composed of 5 representatives of the governing bodies of each of the island communities.

In 2009, invitations were extended to the Skidegate Band and Old Masset Village Councils to participate on the MIEDS board. This would result in complete islands-wide representation in the endeavour, as was the original intent. MIEDS is looking forward to working closely with the Haida Nation and the councils of Skidegate and Old Massett toward a more sustainable future.

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